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Archived Events from Spring/Summer, 2006

U Shrinivas & U Rajesh

Monday 3rd July 2006

U Shrinivas is also a member of the world renowned music fusion group Remember Shakti with John McLaughlin, Zakhir Hussain and T.H Vinayakrim. Remember Shakti pioneered a groundbreaking and highly influential east-meets-west collaborative approach to music and U Shrinivas' unique approach to the mandolin formed much of the group's driving force. U Shrinivas' mastery of the mandolin is only rival...


Sunday 11th June 2006

This visually stunning spectacle is enhanced by an inspired use of choreography, music, lighting and costume. Bhakti is performed to an original music score composed by India's leading exponents of electronica, MIDIval PunditZ (their music featured in the internationally acclaimed film Monsoon Wedding & current box office smash Closer). The composers' skilful synthesis of classica...

Sonia Sabri - RED

Saturday 18th February 2006

Performed by three dancers, RED is filled with hypnotic spins, rapid footwork and exquisite hand gestures. It opens up our interpretations and associations with marriage, heat, fire, ritual and passion. Accompanied by live music with driving rhythms and subtle melodies RED is both a physical and emotional expression of the human condition.

The Chakra Collective

Saturday 11th March 2006

The sarod and violin are a rare combination in Indian music. The violin, originally a European instrument has lodged itself deep in the heart of India's musical consciousness and in doing so gained an identity apart from its European counterpart in the fashion in which it is played and the sounds that it produces. Don't miss this opportunity to experience some of India's finest musicians as they t...


Saturday 25th March 2006

Trained as a classical tabla player, from a very early age, Shri turned tradition on its head by adapting his innovative feel for percussion to other instruments notably his self-made fretless bass and the Indian bamboo flute. Using his Tabla techniques he quickly developed a totally unique style of slapping, coercing the most haunting and funky sounds from a bass combining the visual gravitas o...