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Archived Events from Autumn/Winter, 2007

Rajan and Sajan Misra

Saturday 11th August 2007

Since their first concert when they were in their teens, Rajan and Sajan have performed with great acclaim in almost all the cities of India and have taken part in all the major music conferences of India.

Pt Budhaditya Mukherjee - (SAMA Event)

Wednesday 19th September 2007

Known for his virtuosity, speed and precision on the sitar, his music creates a unique lyrical magic that reflects the ‘gayaki ang’, a North Indian playing technique that pays homage to the human voice. In this rare performance he is accompanied by his son Bijoyaditya Mukherjee, a prodigious young talent, and by leading tabla player Rajkumar Misra.

SAMA Symposium

Thursday 20th September 2007

Attracting regional and national delegates and key note speakers, this will be a fantastic opportunity for people to discuss, network and have questions answered around the South Asian performing arts scene.

Simply Bollywood - A Night With Sonu Niigaam (SAMA event)

Friday 21st September 2007

Singing from a very early age, Sonu Niigaam has over 10,000 songs under his belt! No Bollywood film soundtrack is complete without Sonu’s name in the credits. He’s gone from singer to show host, Indian Idol judge and even played a lead role in a Bollywood movie. If there’s anyone who can be called India’s answer to an international pop star, it’s Sonu Niigaam. SAMA is proud to present So...

Bollywood Brass Band (SAMA Event)

Saturday 22nd September 2007

“Trumpets and soprano saxophones blast out popular tunes and current or classic Indian film hits, backed by drum-kit, raucous trombones and funky sousaphone bass-lines…as popular as chicken tikka masala – Punjabi flavours and locally available ingredients mixed with Anglo-Saxon ingenuity. ” Songlines