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Archived Events from Autumn/Winter, 2008

Mini Mela

Saturday 2nd August 2008


Monday 6th October 2008

Part of SAMA Festival Nritarutya are a cutting edge dance ensemble company from Bangalore, India who create a visual spectacle with their dance productions. They have kept the tenets of traditional dance but their creativity has enabled their performances to evolve by using dance as a medium in expressing the issues of modern times. Nritarutya’s performances are said to provoke emotions of empa...


Tuesday 7th October 2008

It is widely believed among India's population that he received his musical gift from a past life. He is known for his highly creative and melodious music, conveying the essence of Indian style and maintaining the high quality vocal tradition of the instrument. His performances feature an extraordinary range of musical expression - from the deepest meditations to youthful fun and always displaying...


Wednesday 8th October 2008

Whilst studying in London, Habib created his first hugely successful folk-remix album Krishno. Since then, he has sold millions of albums worldwide; his 2008 album release Bolchhi Tomake reflects his fresh sound which continues to captivate audiences of all ages from across the globe with his fusion of traditional Bangla folk music with contemporary urban beats.

Angika performs Cypher

Thursday 9th October 2008

Angika are a leading British Indian dance company and their work is committed to regenerating the rich vocabulary of classical Bharatanatyam dance with a contemporary approach. To celebrate their 10th year, Angika present Cypher, a new work performed by a company of 6 female Bharatanatyam dancers who will use their voices to create a vocal soundscape of traditional Sanskrit slokas (hymns). Cyphe...