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Trimfest Hannabiell & Midnight Blue

Trimfest Hannabiell & Midnight Blue

This high energy ensemble is nothing less than exhilarating as it fuses together Afro-Caribbean and Latin percussion, Jazz, Afro-beat, Funk and Reggae to create their unique sound.

Hannabiell and Midnight Blue are described by London based vintage afro-vinyl collector Volta 45 as “Afro-psychedelic funk”.  The music created from this fusion is an organic blend of powerful and upbeat drums, brass, vocal chants and mbira compositions. All this not only produces an invigorating party atmosphere, it also encourages audience participation.

Hannabiell and Midnight Blue is committed to playing music that helps to break down barriers, and GemArts can’t wait to showcase these exciting talented musicians at Trimfest 2016.

Hannahbiell and Yilis from the band will also deliver a free, exciting Percussion and Body Step workshop at Trimdon Community College earlier in the day. For more information visit here

Presented with Trimdon Parish Council.

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