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Arrival and Survival exhibition

Arrival and Survival exhibition

arrival and survival
Exhibition on display 13th - 14th December
Launch event Weds 13th December Time: 12:30-2:30pm 
The Newbridge Project: Gateshead

GemArts, in partnership with Gateshead Carers, presents arrival and survival, a showcase of portraits, photographs, artwork and objects representing Identity and Isolation, by Carers from around the world who have settled in Gateshead.

Working alongside artist Cath Walshaw, members of the older Chinese community, new groups of Refugees and Asylum Seekers and members of the Roma community have created artwork expressing who they are, the things they hold dear and how they feel about living in Gateshead.

With thanks to Gateshead Carers, Artist Cath Walshaw and The New Bridge Project, Gateshead.

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