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GemArts presents Paradise Garden Exhibition

GemArts presents Paradise Garden Exhibition  

Saturday 13 April – Saturday 15 June 2019
A collection of printed, decorative textiles artwork
Created by the GVEMSG Feel Good Women’s Group with Artist Michelle Wood

GemArts presents Paradise Garden, a collection of printed textile pieces created by GVEMSG Feel Good Group, working alongside artist/printmaker Michelle Wood.
GVEMSG Women's Feel Good Group are a support group for women from diverse BAMER communities that meet on a weekly basis. The group have worked over the past 10 weeks, making woodblock and lino prints, learning new creative techniques such as printing onto fabric as well as using new materials and media.
The group used fabric paints, embroidery, beads, sequins, quilting, ribbons and other embellishments to decorate & finish their prints. As they worked, the peacocks, birds, elephants, trees, flowers, hearts, fish & patterns came to life with vibrant colours and gold lustre to create a collective ‘Paradise Garden’.
Alongside these decorative textile pieces, the group have also made functional items like tea towels, aprons & cushion covers using their new printmaking skills, some of which will be sold to raise funds for further arts sessions.
The project forms part of GemArts Arts, Health and Wellbeing programme, working with diverse communities across Gateshead and Newcastle, using creative engagement to address isolation and loneliness.
This project was funded by Gateshead Council’s Making Every Contact Count approach. The project has enabled the group to develop new creative skills and interests, engage with others, build their own confidence and develop community networks and support to improve health and wellbeing and celebrate cultural identity.

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