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GemArts Masala Festival: TATTOO STORIES podcast by Vimal Korpal

GemArts Masala Festival: TATTOO STORIES podcast by Vimal Korpal

TATTOO STORIES podcast by Vimal Korpal

Date: Wednesday 21st 
July 2021 - available until Sunday 25th July 2021
Tickets: FREE event (online podcast)

I’m no tattooist but there are thousands of stories as to why people have tattoos: for love, inspiration, remembrance, fashion, culture, cosmetic; and some just because they were drunk! There’s a story behind every tattoo.

Episode NAMES

"Tattooists don't like doing names, for all sorts of reasons like misspellings or loved ones falling out. When I got a tattoo my mum wasn’t impressed until she learnt what it was. She then told me my uncle had his name tattooed on his arm. Why would anyone ever have their own name tattooed on their arm? Little did I know it would take me back over 70 years before the British partitioned India."

Pilot episode commissioned and produced as part of the Black Country Stories Podcast by Black Country Touring. 

Conceived, written and presented by Vimal Korpal

Sound Design by Annie Mahtani

Directed by Steve Johnstone 

Use headphones for best quality experience

Black Country Touring is supported by Arts Council England, Sandwell MBC and Wolverhampton City Council. #HereForCulture

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