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Indian Spring Colours: Payal Ramchandani (kuchipudi) & Maryam Shakiba (odissi)

Indian Spring Colours: Payal Ramchandani (kuchipudi) & Maryam Shakiba (odissi)

Indian Spring Colours: Payal Ramchandani (kuchipudi) & Maryam Shakiba (odissi)

Date: Sunday 12th February 2023
Time: 2pm
Venue: Durham University, Department of Music, Palace Green
Tickets: £10 (adult), £5 (student), £1 (under-18)
Box Office: Tickets can be purchased on the door or online at

Payal has 27 years of experience including training and performances on the global stage. She has evolved her own unique vocabulary, evident in her innovative choreography.   Payal's performance will be an inlet into a storytelling experience coloured with a spectrum of emotional narratives presented in the vocabulary of the South Indian classical dance style of Kuchipudi

Maryam Shakiba is an odissi performing artist, dedicated to sharing the beauty and richness of odissi dance through high quality performance and engagement. Her practice focuses on the experience of inhabiting the body through dance and movement, and the process of developing emotional sensitivity and internal growth through rigorous immersion in dance. Maryam performs as both a soloist and as part of ensemble works with other leading UK odissi artists.


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