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​GemArts Masala Festival: Fabricated by Sajil Kaleem

​GemArts Masala Festival: Fabricated by Sajil Kaleem

GemArts Masala Festival: Fabricated by Sajil Kaleem

Date: Thursday 20th – 22nd July
Time: 12-5pm
Venue: The Newbridge Project, The Shieldfield Centre, 4-8 Clarence Walk, Newcastle, NE2 1AL
Tickets: FREE – Just Drop In! 

Fabricated explores our personal relationship to the historical narratives that we collectively create through an expanded sense of painting. Sajil’s paintings consider the colonial remnants of buildings in cities that have ignored relationships. An arch in a library in Karachi echoes a doorway in Oxford, and the pre-partition patterned balconies and doorways of Jhelum and Newcastle feature as backdrop in the bustle of the city. Using the visual language of ornate South Asian tradition of beautification, Sajil hopes to create an imagined world that explores the space in between, and how the gaps in narratives become stories in themselves.

Presented by GemArts and The Newbridge Project

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