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Hyem: Diverse Narratives of Hope, Kindness and Home

Hyem: Diverse Narratives of Hope, Kindness and Home

We are launching a new arts programme Hyem, exploring with communities Diverse Narratives of Hope, Kindness and Home

Find out more about the artists involved in this project below and look out for information over the coming months about how you can get involved!

Sofia Barton Sofia Barton is a multidisciplinary artist from North East England. Her work is a collection of Anglo-Indian fusion, of bright, whimsical design inspired by nature and folklore. The landscape and beauty the North East, is beautifully captured in many of Sofia’s paintings. 

Mani Kambo
Mani Kambo is a Moving Image and Print artist based in Newcastle upon Tyne where she grew up surrounded by Sikh tradition and ritual. Kambo is drawn to everyday rituals and precautionary actions taken from superstitions.
Vision for Hyem: Expanding out of the square homes we live in and the rectangular screens we communicate through. We will explore different creative activities such as block and mono printing, writing exercises and photography inspired by the spaces we inhabit, our surroundings and daily activities. Keeping the mind active and opening up conversations to have a period of time forgetting the strange world outside our front doors.
Emma Sheridan
Emma is a dedicated community arts worker and visual artist. She has a wealth of experience working with people from all walks of life, on a variety of arts projects in collaboration with Community Centres, Health Initiatives, Youth Centres, Schools, Arts organisations and Artists.
She has worked on many projects with GemArts over the last 15 years, engaging and leading groups in creative work, bringing people together to explore issues, gain new skills and access opportunities which may have not been available to them before. In Emma's artist practise she uses a variety of different mediums, including painting, drawing, sculpture and textiles.
Emma believes in equality, access and opportunities for all, with an approach to exploring ideas, and important issues, in an innovative and creative way.

Pui Lee
Based in Gateshead, Pui Lee is a British-born Chinese artist and arts educator, working throughout the UK. Trained in a wide range of disciplines, she works using an interdisciplinary approach across both traditional and contemporary 2D and 3D art-forms including: drawing, printmaking, craft, sculpture / installation, parade art and more. Outside of the studio, Pui Lee is also a dedicated martial artist, training in Kung Fu and Taekwon-Do.