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Accents: GemArts & Positive Images Celebrate Diversity through Music

362The Accents project facilitated a unique collaboration of people, music, identity and belief in a project that culminated in the recording and distribution of a multicultural music CD. It celebrated the diverse cultures and faiths that are to be found in the North East of England today. The project brought together musicians from around the world who have settled in the area along with those who have lived here all their lives.

The Accents project charts the rich tapestry of sounds, styles, ideas and beliefs that are present in our multi-cultural and multi-faith society. Gospel songs from Trinidad, gypsy ballads from former Czechoslovakia, traditional Congolese sounds and Newcastle?s own Roman Catholic choir made up just a few of the musicians involved.

The intention was always for the CD to have a community feel about it. The use of Gateshead's own studio, The Sound Room made a strong connection between local musicians and the technicians there. It was an opportunity for those from diverse backgrounds and faith communities to record their music, further their skills and build their musical confidence.

An initiative was launched in local schools and youth groups to come up with images symbolising the project and two of these designs make up the cover of the CD. The end result is a professional and sustainable product with a high standard of musical contribution. After the completion of the music the Accents team delivered two well attended live performances at the Baltic and Caedmon Hall.

The project was documented throughout and put into a documentary film called Accents Live; showing the coming together of the artists, the making of the music and the live performances. Both the CD and DVD are freely available to individuals, schools, youth groups and anyone interested in hearing this unique collection of music.

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