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Journeys End

Journey's End was a large scale project designed to 211 commemorate the arrival of the Tall Ships in Newcastle; July 2005. Ten artists were matched with ten schools in Newcastle to carry out a series of arts workshops. By employing a blend of geographical, historical, cultural and artistic ideas the workshops aimed to engage the children with themes of journeys, oceans and ships all over the world.

With local sculptors, textile artists, wood workers, puppet makers and glass artists 238 heading the workshops the results have been an eclectic and aesthetically stunning collection of works which explore the enormous impact the ocean has on the way we live around the world. Children explored the myths and legends kept secret in the murky depths, tales of sea monsters, 218 mermaids and sirens alongside more human matters of travel, ancient trade routes and the import and export of spices and silk.

273 Many of the workshops introduced the children to different methods of producing art such as batik, couching, hand-weaving, printing, dying, glass making, and wood carving giving them more insight into the cultural origins of these methods from around the world.

208 A tribute to the Tsunami victims formed an important part of Journeys End. Workshops were created to show local children the historical and cultural importance of the Indian Ocean and the affect the Tsunami has brought upon the lives of its victims. The project encouraged the children to express their feelings through discussion and through the process of creating a large instillation piece.

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