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GemArts Masala Festival: Lore by Mani Kambo and Narivad by Sofia Barton

GemArts Masala Festival: Lore by Mani Kambo and Narivad by Sofia Barton

GemArts Masala Festival: Lore by Mani Kambo and Narivad by Sofia Barton
Date: 18th July - 10th September 2022
Time: During Gateshead Central Library opening hours
Venue: The Gallery, Gateshead Central Library, NE8 4LN
Tickets: FREE - Just Drop In!

This exhibition showcases artwork by two North East artists of South Asian heritage.
Lore: Mani Kambo
Knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation, through spoken word, drawings, dance and objects. Who we are and where we come from is shaped by our experiences and those around us. Lore brings together ideas of superstition, protection and storytelling.

Kambo’s practice explores the inner spirit by drawing on her own personal totemic symbols. Visuals are repeated throughout her work like markers linking to notions of spirituality, rebirth and the cyclical nature of life and death.
Narivad: Sofia Barton  
Narivad (meaning Feminism in Sanskrit) is an exploration of the Indian suffragettes who helped shape feminism on a global scale. With the use of matchbox designs inspired by those in her grandfather's collection, Sofia Barton creates a homage of images to these influential figures.
From Indian Princess living in London to a mixed-race husband and wife duo, one of whom was living with a disability. These historic tales of resilience and strength of character show us some of the journey that these individuals took, shaping equal rights today.
The work consists of prints of matchboxes, individual physical matchboxes and a matchbook showing the detailed illustrations.

Sofia Barton is a multidisciplinary artist exploring the ideas of heritage and culture. Inspired by ever changing nature and environment.
Commissioned by GemArts and presented with Gateshead Arts Team.

GemArts award winning 
Masala Festival is a weeklong festival celebrating a mix and blend of the finest South Asian Arts and Culture, packed full of performances, exhibitions, events, workshops, pop ups and demonstrations, presented in venues, places and spaces across the North East.  GemArts Masala Festival is from 18th to 24th July 2022, visit for full programme.

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